Keynote Address At Literary London Society, Lost Voice Conference, 2021

Keynote Address At Literary London Society, Lost Voice Conference, 2021

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Wednesday 7 July: Lost and Misremembered Voices – A Roundtable

15.30 Opening remarks: Eliza Cubitt (Tuebingen)

15.45 – 16:30 (pre-recorded videos played)

Peter Smith (Lincoln), The Word on the Streets: The Urban Ballad of the Nineteenth Century

Ray Malone (Heads Bodies Legs), 18th Century Mollies, fictional queer histories and the TERF wars.

Natasha Periyan (KCL), Voicing Jamaica in Una Marson’s London Calling.

Shabna Begum (QMUL), Seen but not heard: Bengali migrant squatters in 1970s East London.

16:30-16:45 Response: Peter Jones 

16:45 Questions 

18.00 Close

Chair: Eliza Cubitt

Thursday 8 July: Marginalised and Silenced Communities – A Symposium

15.00-16.30 Panel 1 Chair: James Peacock

Lisa Robertson (Acadia): Radical Literacy: Broadening Notions of Women’s Civic Participation in the Long Nineteenth-Century.

Naomi Hinds (UCL), The ‘offscouring of the city’ : Sewer-hunters in London Labour and the London Poor. 

Caroline Bressey (UCL) Losing sight of ‘the Black Man’ and woman in London.

BREAK: 16:30 – 16:45

16.45-18.15 Panel 2 Chair: Martin Dines

Jacob Fairless Nicholson (UCL) Not just ‘bad’ English: the Caribbean Communications Project and the postcolonial geographies of non-formal education in London.

Lucy Burke (Manchester Met.) Time Slips and Lost Objects: Reading Ali Smith’s There But For The (2011).

Lucie Glasheen (QMUL), ‘your very own’: Inclusion and Exclusion in child writing communities in the 1930s and during COVID-19.

18.15 Close

Friday 9 July: Annual Lecture, Adeola Solanke (Greenwich)

17.00 Introduction: Eliza Cubitt (Tuebingen)

17.15 Annual Lecture: Portrait of the artist as an enslaved woman: Phillis in London.

Chair: Lucie Glasheen (QMUL)

18.50-19.00 Closing remarks

19.00 Close