University of Georgia /Texas Christian University project

University of Georgia /Texas Christian University project

Ade was a contributor to the University of Georgia /Texas Christian University project, The Genius of Phillis Wheatley Peters – A Poet and her Legacies

Ade features in their Phillis Wheatley Peters on Stage – A Podcast Series

“I was  inspired to tell the story of an African woman writer because it’s still quite unusual to have a Black female protagonist at the center of a story.”

Ade Solanke

Celebrating 250 Years of Genius

Welcome to the PWP Podcast, a spoken series exploring the many depictions of Phillis Wheatley Peters on theatrical stages throughout time. Phillis is more widely known in the theatre world than one may suspect; she is the muse for productions from Mary Church Terrell’s pageant play in 1932 to modern performances such as Phillis in London, crafted by Ade Solanke. Her life and works have inspired many dramatizations, and this podcast aims to explore Phillis’ impact on theatre and playwrights. Click below to access each episode as they release!